About Kirim.Email

Kirim.Email is started in 2016, at the beginning it wasn’t like this. It was just a startup using a white-label product. At least, until it isn’t capable of serving all user needs. Why? Because, it is slow, really slow, for example sending 100k email would take almost at least a few good hours or worse, almost a day. 

But, the worst thing about using white-label product is hard to customize, optimize, and fix. Back then, to add a new feature we need to separate it with a different sub-domain, which is painful to do. So, at the beginning of 2017 we starting to build our own system, we name it as version 3, because before this we already use two different white-label product. After some time building the product, Kirim.Email is relaunched on 10 April 2017 with an only basic feature.

After that, we started to add an old feature that was discarded when building our latest version, starting with the Facebook Integration which our customer longtime favorite. Then, another feature is being added as Kirim.Email continues to grow. Also, currently we are at least capable of sending 100k email in less than one hour and send at least ~100k to ~2.5m per day.

If you compare our stat to an established company, of course, we haven’t reached their capacity. Because to grow like them took time. Success ain’t built in a single day. Which is why we always keep improving and planning a new feature, a new release.

So, do you want to know what we are currently built right now or you have a new idea to implement?

Join us, learn together with us, help other business to grow and let show the world that we can beat them.

Do you have questions about our technology? Try to fill this form.

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